Our Story

In her past life Flannery Good was co-founder of the popular cocktail blog Fashionably Bombed and co-author of the insanely colorful book Candy Cocktails.  It's no surprise that her latest venture is equally fun and colorful, and as usual, involves color, candy and champagne!  But this current passion started out as a dream...

"I had this super vivid dream that I was wearing a giant 'F' necklace covered in sparkly stones.  I woke up so excited to wear this creation, so I became determined to figure out how to turn my dream into a reality. Through plenty of trial and error trying out new materials (felt, cardboard, wood, etc) I finally discovered acrylic.  The bright colors and shiny surface immediately had me hooked!  My collection then expanded from a giant 'F' to include my favorite guilty pleasures like champagne, cigarettes (shhhh!) and cupcakes!"

She believes that life is short and jewelry should be fun!